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Welcome to csquare!

csquare is the most efficient collaborative Deep Learning Platform built from the ground up on HPC principles ensuring Data Scientists focus on training models and getting the best results while csquare looks after the rest. We are inspired by AI and determined to deliver state of the art solutions to support Data Scientists on their journey from data to value. And it is not just a platform, it is a community of skilled Data Scientists, DevOps and HPC experts helping each other train the most accurate models.

Our solution includes World-Class Distributed pre-configured HPC Clusters specially designed and built for Deep Learning. This means that you can train your models easier, faster, and at superior price points. Incorporating best practices, we are able to help companies accelerate their go to market while maximizing collaboration, efficiency, and accuracy.

And it is Green!

This document will help you get started with csquare and get the best of the platform. Click on quick start to onboard!