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Create a dataset


The datasets' namespace is shared across all the csquare infrastructure with the first come, first served policy.

Quick guide#


  1. Select the project you want your dataset to be used for.#

  2. Access the dataset creation form:#

    • From the Datasets page#
      1. Open the sidebar, and click on the Datasets section.
      2. Click on the + button: Create a dataset.
    • From the dashboard#
      1. Open the sidebar, and click on the Dashboard section.
      2. Locate the Latest datasets widget.
      3. Click on the + button.
  3. Fill the form:#

    1. Choose the name of your dataset in the Name field.
    2. Give precision about your dataset in the Description field.
    3. Click on the Create button.

You can now see your new dataset in the datasets table: well done!