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Quick start


You can access to detailed step-by-step guides by clicking on the links in the steps descriptions.

1. Create a project#

If you don't have any project, start by creating a new one. To do so, from the home page, click on Create a new project, and follow the steps. Once created, you will be redirected to your new project's dashboard.

You can switch project whenever you want by clicking on the project dropdown on the header.

2. Add datasets#

Go to the datasets page using the sidebar menu, and create a new dataset.

You can also import existing datasets from your other projects.

3. Create a model#

Go to the models page using the sidebar menu, and create a new model.

4. Create an experiment#

On the models page, click on the model you just created to access its dashboard. From there, click on the + button of the experiment widget, and fill the form to create a new experiment.